Remedies for Reset

And that about sums it up.

Sometimes the best way is through….and sometimes the best way is to just take a break.

I feel like a new person after 10 days back in New Hampshire: teaching, resting, reconnecting with those who know me well, deepening friendships, listening to sage advice, breathing the green mountain air, swimming, hiking, walking, talking, laughing, crying, thinking, reading, writing and re-setting. I can’t thank enough all the angels who showed up while I was back. Sometime you don’t know how much your body, heart and soul need taking care of until others step in to remind you.

So I’m ok. Maybe better than ok ☺️

I’ve always been a huge advocate for retreat (obviously). I know sometimes from the outside it can seem like escapism or bubble life, but for me it’s a way to reconnect with the feeling I want motivating me through life. Let’s call it “the nugget”.  And despite my best intentions to have the nugget with me all the time, I am learning that‘s just not realistic. There will be bad days. Bad months. Rough patches and downswings. But hopefully I can catch myself before the ship gets too off course. Daily activities that remind me of the nugget are crucial. But even then, sometimes a bigger reminder is needed.  It’s not running away.  It’s running back, in, towards.  So I can run forward again.

It’s what I hope I can provide others as part of this new venture.  The reminder, the experience, and the return.

Before I  got back on the plane to New Mexico, I committed to two things. One, don’t let the nugget get so far away again.  Two, I’m ready to walk more forward now.  As long as I stay committed to the nugget – the nugget of relationship, family, work, community and myself – I’m ready to move forward ❤️

2 thoughts on “Remedies for Reset

  1. I love this resolution, Julianna! We all need a “reset” every now and then. And here in New Hampshire the love and caring flows in both directions.


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